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Mythikas Island
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“I LOVE this series. The book is unique and suspenseful!” ~ Blizzard

“ is a novel worth reading along with your daughter. It makes the perfect backdrop for engaging her in frank discussions about friendship, trust and self-confidence.”

“I got so into this book that I stayed up all night reading. Then gave it to my sister who read all day and did nothing she needed to do!” ~ Nan O.

“I recently received books 1 & 2 of Mythikas Island. I finished Diana that same day, and was anxious to get started on Persephone. It is now a little after 3 a.m. and unfortunately the book has been read. It is only unfortunate though because my mind is still entangled in the excitement. I have always enjoyed stories of the gods, and the adventure that came with. Never having been one to divulge into the fantasy of the magical aspects of such tales, I was pleased that this series sees them just as you and I. Also, I myself have been to hell and back (more than once) and I still struggle every day to keep myself fighting for the strength to be strong in a world that can make you feel as if you are supposed to join the masses, not have an opinion, and accept that your future is set for you by the choices that have been made by those before you. Just having read the stories of 2 of the 4 girls in their emotional & adventurous journey... I AM HOOKED. As they get to know not only each other but themselves you kind of start to think about yourself. We all search for something in our lives. Whether it be acceptance, approval, knowledge or love, the hunt for it is there. You may not go down in the books as a God or Goddess, but knowing that you didn't give up on yourself or others and you listened to your heart... well, I can tell you that I feel like a goddess even if no one else sees it that way. To wrap it up... Diana, I am grateful for having the privilege to read your work, and when I wake up I will be taking your books to the library here so that someone else here may not only feel inspired, but empowered.” ~ Aura L S Dream

Amazon  Listmania: Best 4 & 5 Star YA Fantasy Books

At once terrible and terrific, the Internet, ebooks, and POD have transformed our world. Without these, I would never have discovered the amazing writer Diana Hurwitz and my daughter would never have found the wonders of Mythikas Island. (She is getting another book in the series for Hanukkah.) Larry Constantine (Lior Samson)

5 stars for plot and character: “It was easy to read and the suspense made it hard to put down.” ~ Writer’s Digest judge

It is very refreshing to have a series written showing heroic teen girls, and using the Greek myths that have so many strong female personalities was a great idea. (Actually, I hope the author does a boy series, also, as it would nicely complement the girl series.) I love stories about myths and how they originated. Ms. Hurwitz has done a fine job with both themes. I logged on to order the lastest one published (Athena) and thought I would leave a review. Great job! ~ Mythfan





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